ExpEYES-17 (SEELab-3) Visual programming

For the details of ExpEYES-17 visit the website expeyes.in. This page describes the usage of ExpEYES-17 on an Android phone, using the software named SEElab-3. An updated version of ExpEYES has been released under the same name. Software is common for both the devices. The Android App supports Visual Programming (similar to MIT Scratch), where one can assemble programs by dragging and dropping graphical building blocks, representing the input, actions, connections etc.

You can install the SEELAB-3 App from Google Play Store. A screenshot of code segment along with the output is shown below. A message about ‘missing hardware’ is displayed. Programs not using ExpEYES can run without it.

A sample screenshot

Watch a short video on using the SEELab app

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Workshop using ExpEYES-17 on Smartphone

The first workshop on ExpEYES using Smartphone has been conducted at GHSS Marayamangalam. Kerala. Around 35 students of 12th Class. from different schools, participated.

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