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We read the newspaper reports about things like Companies raided by ED and CBI, Cases against leaders of political parties, some of them changing parties, huge government contracts etc. Due to the intervention of the supreme court, on 21-Mar-2024, the Indian public got some information about the donations by companies to our political parties, via electoral bonds during the past five years. It also gave some indication about the correlation between these two things.

Who is Druv Rathee ?

He is from Haryana, working in Germany. He makes a living by making educational videos on technogy. Druv Rathee website

I have found his arguments based on collected data very effective. One good example is his video on the propaganda movie The Kerala Story. It was also used by the PM in election propaganda. Kerala government went to court to stop it without success. Watch how Druv Rathee debunks this movie, what we were supposed to do has been done by someone from Haryana.

One month back he made a video suggesting that India is gradually inching towards dictatorship. Within days it garnered millions of views. A follow up of it also has been made.

First Video: Is India becoming a DICTATORSHIP?

Second Video: DICTATORSHIP Confirmed?

In north India, the current political developments are making waves in the social media. It looks like even the political parties in Kerala are unable to grasp the gravity of the situation. Majority of the public are least bothered. It was like this in 1977 also. We were happy with the Emergency, seeing trains running on time. People of Kozhikode came to know about Kakkayam camp only after the illiterate villagers threw the Indira government out.

Do phyicists get into politics ?